All purchases through this site benefit the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation. However, we always welcome donations that go above and beyond our store sales. Alexandra and her Pitt “brothers and sisters” around the world need your help. There is no cure for Pitt Hopkins. The effects of this disorder are profound. Her life will always be harder, more challenging and different than that of her “typical” friends. Simple and mundane tasks will test her strength and willpower on a daily basis, and for the rest of her life.

Please feel free to join our fight and make a donation here to the Foundation’s research efforts. Without critical funds to help propel research into the next stages of learning and development, there will be no future success in eradicating this severe and devastating syndrome.

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About the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation

The mission of the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation (PHRF) is to support research dedicated to finding a treatment, and an eventual cure of Pitt Hopkins Syndrome (PTHS) and other similar disorders. The PHRF is also dedicated to supporting the PTHS community with resource recommendations, parental support and the latest medical information.