Brooklyn - Brave and Beautiful

This collection was designed exclusively for Brooklyn and her community of support in anticipation of Pitt Hopkins Awareness Day on Sept. 18. She is an amazing little lady living with Pitt Hopkins Syndrome. Shop with purpose and a big heart as 100% of the proceeds--approximately $25 from every sale--benefits the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation to fund a cure for Pitt Hopkins Syndrome.

"When memories pop up of Brooklyn, when she was your typically developing newborn - just like our other babies, just like all the sweet babes I care for- just like many of your children too; I usually don’t share them. I can’t help but to mourn the life we had wished and hoped for Brooklyn, and what will never be when I see them. As absolutely perfect as she still is, please take a look at her here and remember that this can truly happen to any child. Brooklyn’s disease (and gene mutations) are spontaneous, not inherited. When we ask for help and support, raising awareness and fundraising, please take a moment and imagine this was your child. Thank you and hugs to so many of you who continue to show Brooklyn tons of love and support, we are forever grateful because it all truly matters when you’re dealing with such a rare disease!"

~Brooklyn's parents, Crystal and Brent Hefton