Edith's Lost Boys

Designed for the sassy, spunky, energetic, and very happy Edith, living with Pitt Hopkins Syndrome.

Where did we get the name Edith’s Lost Boys?

We found out there is a Peter Pan connection to Pitt Hopkins Syndrome. Supposedly, Peter Pan is based off a real life boy, who they believe had Pitt Hopkins Syndrome. As the fairy tale is written, Peter Pan has a clan of Lost Boys, who follow him. After we found out about Edith’s diagnosis, she had a following of supporters, family and friends. So after we found the story, we found it fitting to name her supporter’s “Edith’s Lost Boys.” For the whole story about Peter Pan, go to the PHRF website

If you would like to give above and beyond the purchase of a tee, please donate to the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation in Edith's honor here