Inspired by Alexandra

This is a very special collection that is 100% inspired by our little ray of light, Alexandra. She teaches us daily what truly matters most in this life.

Unlike the rest of our apparel, each of the items in this collection will fund a very special cause: intensive therapy programs specifically benefiting Alexandra. Many of our friends and family have inquired about additional ways that they may help our family. Honestly, until now, all of our therapy and medical equipment have been able to be covered by our insurance or other community programs. However, we have decided in order for Alexandra to take the literal "next big step" in her developmental journey, she needs to go through an intensive therapy program. We got the call that she had been accepted to the Neurological and Physical Abilitation Center (NAPA) in Los Angeles, Calif. -- to begin a very exciting journey.

She will be there for a week participating in intensive therapy sessions DAILY, that span most of the morning and afternoons. She has qualified for physical therapy, feeding therapy and CME Therapy, which is Cuevas MEDEK Exercise, and consists of exposing Alexandra to the natural influence of the force of gravity with gradual progression to distal support. We are most excited about these sessions as they will help provoke automatic postural reactions -- basically teach her "instincts" that she doesn't yet possess -- that will then help her gain the postural control needed for her to complete some of life's most critical tasks. After partaking in CME, there is a much greater hope for her to be more aware of her body and its environment and that it will hopefully lead to her able to move to an independent sit, stand, and.....those much anticipated, independent steps. You may read more about this method of therapy here

Insurance does not cover this opportunity for her and so 100% of your purchase will go towards her week-long program. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping her reach these new milestones.